Those with an interest in digital preservation will want to have a look at
the  workbook announced below

Digital Preservation

A pre-publication draft of the Preservation Management of Digital Materials
Workbook is now available as a pdf file on the web at:

The workbook has been produced by Neil Beagrie (Joint Information Systems
Committee) and Maggie Jones (Arts and Humanities Data Service) with research
funding from Re:source the Council for Museums Archives and Libraries. The
workbook provides  a comprehensive overview of digital preservation issues
and practice and will be of interest to ditigitisation projects and curators
in museums, libraries, archives, and the cultural heritage, research and
publishing sectors.

The broad issues associated with digital preservation are global in nature
and examples of good practice, research activity and sources of advice and
guidance in the workbook have been drawn from around the world.  Although
there is a UK focus in terms of the background to the study and some
examples, e.g. legislation, are UK specific, it is anticipated that the
workbook will be of interest to an international audience.

Comments on the pre-publication draft are welcomed and should be received by
8th December 2000. Full details from the above URL.