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DLF Communications Evaluation

An Invitation to Participate

from Nancy Eaton, chairperson, the Digital Library Federation Steering Committee


[with apologies for any duplication that may result from our cross-posting]


Dear DLF colleague:


Are you making full use of communications for which your institution is paying the Digital Library Federation?  


To serve you well, we need to know whether you are receiving all the DFL communications, and whether you find them helpful in your work, easy to use, and useful in content.  If so, we’ll keep them coming.  If not, we’ll make improvements. 


As chairperson of the DFL Steering Committee, I ask youI urge youto spend fifteen minutes filling out the attached questionnaire.  Only if you do so will we know how best to make your DLF investment pay off for you.


Also, please give copies of this questionnaire to others in your institution whose responses could give us insight.  


You may fill out the survey as a Word file and return it electronically to [log in to unmask].  Or you may print out the survey, fill it out, and return it by regular mail to DLF Survey, CLIR, Suite 500, 1755 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC, 20036.  Either way, please respond by April 16.


The DLF provides a lot of information in a lot of forms.  Please do yourself the favor of helping us make sure it is helping you.



Nancy Eaton

Dean, University Libraries

Pennsylvania State University