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"CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER. Salary Hiring Range: $100,800 ≠ $151,200
(mid-point). UC Merced is engaged in planning its tenth campus, which is
scheduled to open in Fall 2004. The university will showcase an integrated,
forward-looking approach to networked instructional technology in support of
the tripartite mission of instruction, research, and service. A guiding
concept is to establish UC Merced as the hub of technology-rich network,
linking the campus to the San Joaquin Valley and the world. A feature of the
network concept is to distribute UC Mercedís educational services throughout
the San Joaquin Valley by means of a series of UC Merced Centers located
initially in Modesto, Merced, Fresno, and Bakersfield.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for all matters, academic and administrative, in the computer, telecommunication and related technology
areas. This position is responsible for providing the leadership and vision
necessary to assure effective and strategic deployment of information and
educational technology for the Merced campus and the UC Merced Centers."
I've also attached a file with the full text. Detailed info about the
University is at www.ucmerced.edu.

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