The latest issue of D-LIB is out, with several items of interest to DLF, including articles on DSPACE (MIT's open source institutional repository) and a view of the Open Archives Initiative from the perspective of the European archives community.





The January 2003 issue of D-Lib Magazine is now available.


There are six articles, three conference reports, several smaller features in D-Lib Magazine's "In Brief" column,

excerpts from recent press releases, and news of upcoming conferences and other items of interest in "Clips and



The Featured Collection for January is the University of Virginia's "Mark Twain in His Times" web site, created by Stephen Railton.


The articles include:


* On Making and Identifying a "Copy" Norman Paskin, International DOI Foundation


* Building Safety Systems with Dynamic Disseminations of Multimedia Digital Objects

José H. Canós, Javier Jaén, Juan C. Lorente, and Jennifer Pérez, Polytechnic University of Valencia


* MOAC - A Report on Integrating Museum and Archive Access in the Online Archive of California

Richard Rinehart, University of California, Berkeley


* DSpace: An Open Source Dynamic Digital Repository

MacKenzie Smith, Mary Barton, Margret Branschofsky, Greg McClellan, and Julie Harford Walker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Mick Bass, Dave Stuve, and Robert Tansley, Hewlett-Packard Labs


* iVia Open Source Virtual Library System

Steve Mitchell, Margaret Mooney, Julie Mason, Gordon Paynter, Johannes Ruscheinski, Artur Kedzierski, and Keith Humphreys, University of California, Riverside


* Open Archives Activities and Experiences in Europe: An Overview by the Open Archives Forum

Susanne Dobratz and Birgit Matthaei, Humbolt University, Berlin


The Conference Reports are:


Digital Libraries: Advanced Methods and Technologies, Digital Collections: Report on RCDL'2002 - the 4th

All-Russian Scientific Conference, Dubna, 15 - 17 October 2002

Leonid A. Kalinichenko, Russian Academy of Science; Vladimir V. Korenkov, Vladislav P. Shirikov, and Alexey N. Sissakian, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research; and Oleg V. Sunturenko, Russian Foundation for Basic Research


ASIST 2002: Report on the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science and Technology: 18 - 21

November 2002, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania David Robins, University of Pittsburgh


Report on the Fifth International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries (ICADL 2002): 11 - 14 December 2002,

Singapore. Sally Jo Cunningham, University of Waikato



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