We at Hopkins are interested in the possibility of automated systems that
would go a step further than the current capabilities of SFX-like link
resolvers.  This envisioned service would enable users, wherever they are
in the virtual library universe, to click on a "get" button which will
invoke a service that will automatically search available full-text
services, if not found then route the request to the catalog system to
automatically place a request for print copies, and if not found in the
catalog it would generate an ILL request for the item--all with minimal
intervention from the user (or from staff!).

This system would also be integrated with a "my library" portal, allowing
users to track past search history, check on the status of ILL requests,
save citations results, etc. etc.

The existing services that come close to this functionality rely on a
portal and unified search interface to manage the authentication and
storing of personal data and preferences.

We want to avoid forcing users to use a unified search interface to get
these services, because unified search interfaces all necessarily
sacrifice some of the important functionality of the native interfaces.

We have spoken with a few library system vendors about their project plans
in this area. We would also like to know if any of the DLF member
libraries are working on projects that tackle some or all of this scope.
Are any of you working on such projects?

(If you respond directly to me, I will summarize results to re-post to the
dlf list).

- Nathan


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