It wasn't me - I'm just a patron of the public library (I'm not a public
librarian, I just play one at the university). My impression is that it
doesn't have lot of uptake but a few loyal enthusiasts, which I guess is
typical of personalized services on library websites. I don't know what
administrative arrangements they've made - whether the submissions are
screened, and if so by whom and how. I can put you in touch with the
webmaster if you'd like to follow up.


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> Edmonton Public Library wrote a Cold Fusion app to allow this - go
> rocessing^&match_on=EXACT&library=ALL
> Click on the second record (the book version), then click "Write a
> in the box on the right. They've kept it dead simple; I imagine it
> be hard to adapt a threaded-discussion package to add the extra
features you
> mention.

Peter, very nice! Thank you for sharing. In general, do you get the
impression the review service is well received by your patrons?

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