Eric Lease Morgan wrote:

> When I mentioned this to peers a few months ago I was told that our users
>aren't qualified to write reviews.
So we'll fall even further behind Amazon.  Great.  Another opportunity
to enter the 21st century falls by the wayside while we condescend to
our user base.

To take this concept further, you could actually make fairly useful
reviews for specific communities.

If this was to be used in a University setting, say, you could require
the reviewer to log in, then using LDAP, determine if the user is
faculty, undergrad, postdoc, etc.  You could then have user reviews
based on a particular community.

Faculty could lend an air of credibility to a particular item, graduate
students could help each other and undergrads could write "OMG D00D, U
T0TLY CAN R1P TH1$ 0FF 4 ENGL1$H 101!!!!!".  All very helpful in their
own way.

Conceivably these reviews could be aggregated from other peer
institutions (if a relation like ISBN or ISSN or something is
established) to further pad your content.

I think it's a fine idea, maybe not to include in the default view of
the ILS, but possibly for a more personalized view.