Anyone reading the IMLS 2004 National Leadership Grants For Libraries
yesterday-- --would
have noticed that DLF institutions were well-represented (UC Berkeley;
Emory; Indiana; Cornell; Tennessee; Rice), and I'm delighted to announce
that the DLF as an organization is also a recipient of what is (I think)
our first competitive federal grant: 

Digital Library Federation - Washington, DC - $292,456 
2004 National Leadership Grants for Libraries - Research & Demonstration

The Digital Library Federation (DLF), in partnership with Emory
University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the
University of Michigan, will research, design, and prototype a "second
generation" OAI finding system, capitalizing on the lessons learned from
the first wave of OAI harvesting and using as its raw material
collections drawn from across the DLF membership. The aim is to foster
better teaching and scholarship through easier, more relevant discovery
of digital resources, and enhance libraries' ability to build more
responsive local services on top of a distributed metadata platform. 

My thanks to colleagues at Emory, Illinois, Michigan, and CLIR for
scrambling at short notice to compile the technical, descriptive, and
financial information that made up this successful application, and to
all those DLF institutions who submitted letters of support. 


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