I realize that this message is now "so '04", but something similar to
this with regards to proxy servers would also be incredibly useful.

For instance, there's no reason that I shouldn't be able to access the
resources on:
if I'm there and already have access to the resource.

It'd be simple enough to write a bookmarklet or extension or something
that changes:

Possibly making other instutions' research and subject guides more
useful to other organizations.

The key is knowing that is a
proxy server...

What do you think?


Daniel Chudnov wrote:

> For some stuff I'd like to try, and maybe for browser extension authors,
> among others, it would be helpful to have at least one public list of
> some public openurl resolvers.  If you like, if you might kindly add
> your resolver to the just-started list here:
> would be very helpful.
> Or, if there's already a list like this elsewhere, please let me know.
> Thanks, -Dan