This is just a friendly reminder that a mailing list named
Usability4Lib exists for the purpose of discussing how aspects of
usability are applied in libraries as in:

   * Sharing techniques of usability testing. Example  you
     designed some personas and you share how you used them
     when you designed an interlibrary loan page.

   * Sharing results of testing.

   * Sharing tools you use in your usability practice. Example
     - an intranet site to post results.

   * There are many elements of user-centered design. This
     listserv focuses on results and techniques of usability

To subscribe, send an email message to [log in to unmask], and in
the body of the message enter:

   subscribe usability4lib [your name]

For more information, see:

Eric Lease Morgan
Head, Digital Access and Information Architecture Department
University Libraries of Notre Dame