I suspect Libraries are probably one of the primary users in order
to give access to database subscriptions to their patrons from off-site.

I know that the automated library system that we use (from Innovative
Interfaces, Inc. - out of Califormia) has licensed EZ-proxy and has
a slightly different syntax for their server than the one shown below.

In III's version of the proxy the syntax is:


Here's an example:

  The "0" here is used to represent port 80, the default port; if a different port
  were used (e.g. 81) it would replace the 0.

  The URL for this resource without the proxy would be:

This could be useful for libraries if they don't want internal users going through
the proxy, though in III's system at least you can set up "levels" for verification
and have all local IP addresses use IP verification with external users authenticating.

Otherwise, for external use, generally if you try the unproxied versions of some of
these URLs you're prompted for a username and password, since they are licensed rather
than free materials.

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Interesting idea - you could have a bookmarklet look for the typical
ezproxy pattern "/login?url=" to identify ezproxied urls and rewrite
them ...


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> I realize that this message is now "so '04", but something
> similar to this with regards to proxy servers would also be
> incredibly useful.
> For instance, there's no reason that I shouldn't be able to
> access the resources on:
> or
> if I'm there and already have access to the resource.
> It'd be simple enough to write a bookmarklet or extension or
> something that changes:
> plweb-cgi/fastweb?searchform+muse
> to:
> Possibly making other instutions' research and subject guides
> more useful to other organizations.
> The key is knowing that
> is a proxy server...
> What do you think?
> -Ross.
> Daniel Chudnov wrote:
> > For some stuff I'd like to try, and maybe for browser extension
> > authors, among others, it would be helpful to have at least
> one public
> > list of some public openurl resolvers.  If you like, if you might
> > kindly add your resolver to the just-started list here:
> >
> >
> >
> > would be very helpful.
> >
> > Or, if there's already a list like this elsewhere, please
> let me know.
> >
> > Thanks, -Dan
> >