This work ties in with the revision work being done on "ISO/CD2146
Information and Documentation - Directories of libraries and related

Judith Pearce, National Library of Australia, is leading this work under ISO
TC46, SC4/WG7.  She published a paper on it in the September 2000 issue of
D-Lib:   I believe
the title has recently been revised to reflect a registry approach, rather
than being simply a directory.

Since early 2003, Library and Archives Canada has provided input regarding
the registry framework and metadata, paying special attention to those
requirements needed by ILL and networked reference services.  It has been
recognized that other communities of information practice will wish to
contribute to the registry framework from their own service perspectives.

A short update on the status of this project is available here:

NLA has a page relating to this work, but it is not up-to-date:

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> I had the privilege of visiting the IESR folks a couple of
> weeks ago with a few other people. IESR's goal is similar to
> one of the goals of the Ockham NSF Project, namely, to create
> a machine-to-machine registry
> (directory) of digital library services and collections. They
> have articulated a very Dublin Core-like metadata scheme and
> added a few other things to describe just about any type of
> digital library entity. Now that I think about it, each item
> in the directory will have a unique key, if that is what you
> require. Similarly, I believe the Ockham Registry will have a
> similar feature, especially considering that we (the Ockham
> folks and the IESR folks) plan to be working more closely together.
> FYI.
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