On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 14:00:26 -0500, Eric Lease Morgan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:


> I have always been reluctant to use JavaScript in my applications, but
> maybe I should get over it.

Thanks for forwarding notice of this to the list.  It looks really interesting.

I understand your reluctance to use Javascript, but my impression is
that current browsers are much more consistent in their DOM
implementations, and so hiding and unhiding <div>s and pinning overlay
items to particular locations is much less painful now.  In a previous
position I had to code overlay menus that were not tied to absolute
locations on the screen, but rather to the location of images that
were in a centered <div>.  The menus had to work on Netscape 4.7+ as
well as MSIE, and on Windows, Mac OS, and Solaris displays.  I would
hate to have to do something like that for older browsers again, but
to code for recent Firefoxes and MSIEs would be much easier I suspect.