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From here in UK Higher/Further Education land, you might find some of the
work done by the IESR (Information Environment Service Registry) relevant:


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On Fri, 04 March, 2005 13:58, Hickey,Thom wrote:
> There's been some talk around here at OCLC about doing something about
> this, especially to identify database-collections, which seem to be
> entities people worry about too.
> --Th
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> Subject: [CODE4LIB] Authority Control for Databases
> Is anybody aware of any type of standard identifier for databases?  Or
> any movement to create one?
> Matching on name seems very backwards.
> If there's not a group trying to create said authority, how could
> something like that be started?  Would anybody else see value in this?
> Thanks,
> -Ross.