I've been trying some of this out ever since I saw Google Suggest and
heard about GMail.  One of the things you can do with a modest amount of
JavaScript is to have some iframes on your page that you push URLs into.
The nice thing about this is that XSLT works, the back button works,
etc., as opposed to the XMLHttpRequest where it's not automatic.  My
latest page had 30+ iframes on it.  I was a little disappointed when I
hit the back button, and only one iframe at a time changed -- makes
backing up a bit of a problem!


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> I have always been reluctant to use JavaScript in my
> applications, but maybe I should get over it.

Remember, this is the Year of Javascript!

With all the new Google projects and all the attention that
xmlhttprequest is getting, I think this may actually be true. I've
certainly been finding it much easier to do cross-browser scripting
between Firefox and IE6 than it was with earlier browsers.


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