ANNOUNCEMENT: The OCKHAM Initiative releases version 0.5.3 of the
Harvest-to-Query (H2Q) Software.


The OCKHAM initiative today released version 0.5.3 of its
Harvest-to-Query (H2Q) software. This is the first widely-publicized
release of H2Q. H2Q is an end-to-end solution for providing standard
querying capabilities (such as Z39.50) for OAI-PMH available metadata


Currently, H2Q has the following major features:


*       It is as easy to install as your stereo system (with all of its
*       It is able to harvest metadata from any OAI-PMH available
collection which provides its records in Dublin Core
*       Provides Z39.50 querying to harvested collections


Once H2Q achieves its 1.0 status, it will have the following major


*       It will be as easy to install as your toaster
*       It will be able to harvest metadata from any OAI-PMH available
*       It will provide Z39.50 and SRU/W querying to harvested
*       It will allow harvesting and indexing of any XML-based metadata


The OCKHAM H2Q software can be downloaded from 


About the OCKHAM Initiative


The OCKHAM Initiative seeks to promote the development of digital
libraries via collaboration between librarians and digital library
researchers. By promoting simple, open approaches and standards for
digital library tools, services, and content, the gap between digital
library development and the adoption of digital library systems by the
traditional library community will hopefully be bridged.


The initiative is sponsored by the Digital Library Federation
( <> ). Additionally, four
participating institutions (Emory University, Oregon State University,
the University of Notre Dame, and Virginia Tech) are involved in a
National Science Foundation funded grant through the NSF's National
Science Digital Library program. This grant seeks to build a suite of
digital library services and tools which will benefit both the NSDL and
traditional library communities.


More information on the OCKHAM Initiative, and the NSF-funded grant, can
be found at <> 





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