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Thanks to the GREAT work of Xiaorong Xiang (a Ph.D student here at
Notre Dame in Computer Science), we have all but finished the
development work on [log in to unmask] See:

MyLibrary@Ockham uses MyLibrary to collect, organize, and cache more
than 430,000 records harvested from various scholarly OAI archives.
The system then uses reports written against the database to find
things like all the items classified as articles or all the items
classified as medicine. These reports are sent to an indexer
(Plucene), and finally an SRU interface was created allowing people
to search the index. The SRU interface sports a number of cool
features including:

   * lists of suggested alternative spellings with ASPELL
   * lists of possible synonyms using WordNet
   * lists of statistically created keyword

The point of all this work is three-fold:

   1) to demonstrate how digital library collections
      and services can be easily implemented using
      standard protocols and open source software

   2) to address the perennial problem of "finding
      more like this one"

   3) to demonstrate how the library profession can
      collect, organize, archive, and disseminate
      scholarly content if it is published using
      open access publishing techniques

For more information about the system as well as to see how the
content is organized, see:


Eric Lease Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame