On Aug 28, 2005, at 1:48 PM, Edward Summers wrote:

>> <!cript type='text/html' src='http://foo/bar.cgi' />
> If you meant "text/javascript" then this could work if your Perl
> program bar.cgi generated JavaScript...

Yep, that's what I figured out. Thank you.

The secret incantation to embed a client-side Javascript looks like

   <!cript type='text/javascript' src='

The trick is to have bar.cgi return Javascript code. Your CGI can be
written in whatever (Perl, Python, PHP, etc.), but it needs to output

I exploited this technique in an implementation of MyLibrary. I:

   1. installed MyLibrary
   2. used the sample admin interface to create
      sets of facets and terms
   3. populated the system with Internet resources
   4. wrote a simple CGI for a browsable interface
   5. wrote a second CGI to output Javascript

For a good time, see:

   * a simple MyLibrary -
   * about Javascript output -

Using this Javascript technique it is much easier to syndicate
MyLibrary content to other venues; it is important for libraries to
put their content where the user's are and not necessarily expect
users to come to our Web pages.

Eric Lease Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame

(574) 631-8604