For a good time, and in a fit of creativity, I created the Alex
Catalogue Lite:

There, at that temporary URL, you will find a small collection of
electronic texts (47 of them) marked up in TEI and transformed into
other formats including two HTML renderings and PDF files.

What is sort of interesting, to me at least, is that I was able to
use my modules to do output against my relational database to
create the TEI/XML files. I then wrote a few other scripts to
transform the XML into the other flavors. Lastly, I wrote another
couple of scripts to generate the home page, author index, and title
index. My Perl modules work quite well. (Whew!)

Additionally, I purposely created Alex Catalogue Lite in a form for
CD distribution. All the files are saved in one directory. All the
links are relative. If you download the tarball, all you will need to
use the system is hardware including a CD reader, an operating system
that can read long file names, and a mediocre Web browser. No
Internet connection is necessary. You could even copy the entire
contents of Alex Catalogue Lite to your Web server's file system, and
it should work just great.

Feel free to download the 20 MB .tar.gz file from my slow machine and
tell me how the distribution works for you:

Eric Lease Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame

(574) 631-8604