Dear DLF Colleagues,
The California Digital Library currently has two preservation related positions open.  The full job ads and instructions on how to apply are available at:  (browse by department, California Digital Library). 

If you have any questions about either of the positions please feel free to contact me.

1. Digital Preservation Services Manager - Oakland - California Digital Library - 2560-06
Digital Preservation Services Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of digital preservation services (production and development) through project management, provision of support services (both in person or on-line,) and working with digital preservation service providers and support staff.  User support services include: 1) the development and maintenance of on-line documentation; 2) working collaboratively with user and CDL staff to test, troubleshoot and resolve specific digital preservation problems.  The Services Manager will also be responsible for soliciting additional input regarding systems features, performing systems requirements analysis and/or usage data and preparing detailed specifications for use by application programmers.  In addition, the position will develop test plans for new features and systems as well as advise and consult with other staff on an array of system design and enhancement features. The position will also provide professional support for strategic planning and assist in the development of case studies and other materials that demonstrate the value and use of and promote digital preservation services.

2. Web Archive Software Programmer - Oakland - California Digital Library - 2553-06
Want to help archive the Internet?  The Web Archive Software Programmer will work on a national project with the California Digital Library (University of California) and the Library of Congress to develop capacity to capture and preserve web sites. The work of the project will help preserve valuable information for future generations. The focus will be on the development of web services for the harvest, preservation, indexing and analysis of web-based content: the crawlers, creation of digital objects from the crawled sites, analysis, and presentation (viewing) of harvested content. This includes modification and/or integration of third party software or the development of new software using Java.  Reporting to the Projectís Technical Lead, the position's incumbent will identify, analyze, report on and develop tools for the harvesting and analysis of web-based content. 

Patricia Cruse
Director, Digital Preservation Program
California Digital Library -- Office of the President
University of California
415 20th Street
Oakland, CA  94612
510.987.9016 FAX: 510.893.5212