Dear DLF Colleagues,

Internet Archive is currently searching for a Program Manager for web  
archiving and a new Director to manage the web archiving group at  
Internet Archive.   The Program Manager position will be located out  
of DC, and the Director position is at headquarters in the Presidio,  
San Francisco California.  The full job descriptions can be viewed at:

If you would like more information on either job please feel free to  
contact me directly.  Below is a brief description of each position.

Michele Kimpton
Director Web Archive, IA
415-561-6799 ext 1

Web Archive Director

  Are you passionate about internet technologies and preservation of  
web content?  Are you an advocate for public access to digital  
content?  Are you a believer in open source software platforms?  If  
you answer yes, to any or all of these questions we are looking for  
someone of your caliber to set the direction and management of the  
web archive team and related activities. The web archive team is a  
self sustaining revenue generating non-profit group within Internet  
Archive whose mission is to build, manage and continuously improve  
the worlds largest public web archive, and do this in part by working  
with other National libraries, Archives and memory institutions  
around the world.

The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization in the Presidio of  
San Francisco that helps digitize and provide access to vast  
quantities of materials over the Internet. Used by over 6 million  
people, this resource is becoming part of how the Internet works. Our  
job is to put the best humanity has to offer within reach of  
students, educators and the general public. To find out more go to

Responsibilities include:

     * Continue to build and expand our partnerships with National  
Libraries, Archives and other memory institutions on building web  
archives ,developing open source tools, and providing web archiving  
     * Direct and support web archive services team in setting the  
strategy and execution of, a subscription based  
online web archiving service and set the vision for next generation  
     * Continue role as founding member on the IIPC (International  
Internet Preservation Consortium), a group of 12 National Libraries  
and Internet Archive responsible for developing standards, tools and  
practices regarding web archiving.
     * Management of web archive team, a group of twenty professionals.
     * Develop partnerships and collaborative projects with other  
search engine and internet based companies to expand the bread, depth  
and capabilities of the existing web archive.
     * Bring in funding from non traditional and traditional sources  
to expand the scope of the mission.
     * Build and improve upon the existing web archive, including  
more sophisticated access for the general public and researchers.

Web Archive Program Manager

The Internet Archive web team is seeking a Program Manager to be  
responsible for the management and growth of our web archiving  
services for National Libraries and other large memory institutions.  
This position requires familiarity and experience with internet  
technologies, and an ability to present technology initiatives and  
ideas, when needed.

We are looking for candidates based in Washington DC, with some  
travel required to the San Francisco Bay Area, the home base of  
Internet Archive.

Work directly with the Library of Congress, United States National  
Archives and other institutions on Web archiving initiatives and  

Collaborate with other departments within the Internet Archive to  
coordinate objectives, goals and projects, as well as develop  
strategies to generate new business. Help with product planning and  
deployment for new services.