Those of you working on repositories may well find the following news
and request for feedback from JISC of interest.


Evaluating OAIS

The JISC Digital Repositories Programme Support team are currently
preparing an evaluation report on the Reference Model for an Open
Archival Information System (OAIS) as a basis for a generic reference
model for repositories, examining the arguments for and against using
this model across different types of repositories.

The use of OAIS for digital preservation is growing, and work in this
area includes a RLG Digital Repositories task force looking at
certification and a JISC project looking at disaggregating preservation
and repository services.  Outside of the digital preservation community,
there has been some discussion regarding the wider usefulness of OAIS,
including the potential for an OAIS-lite approach to enable smaller
organisations or less preservation-focussed repositories to utilise the
OAIS model, concepts and terminology.  In addition, there has already
been useful discussion on this list, and others, about the relationship
between preservation and repositories which will be considered in the

To ensure that the evaluation fully considers the needs of the
communities involved, we would like to gather observations or comments
about OAIS and its application in this context, or about similar work,
please do send them, either on- or off-list.  Comments from different
communities and domains would be particularly welcome.

The impetus for this work was provided by the repositories strand at the

JISC-CETIS Conference 2006 and the Support team work element to scope
reference models for repositories.


JISC-CETIS Conference 2006, Repositories strand, report and

Report from the CETIS Metadata and Digital Repositories SIG meeting, 1st

March 2006:  

Report from a DPC Briefing on OAIS, 4th April 2006:  

Further information is available on the Digital Repositories Programme 
wiki:   and  

Sherpa DP:   

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