On Wed, 3 May 2006, Eric Hellman wrote:

>> Here's the latest on the code4lib journal:
>> "/lib/dev: A Journal for Library Programmers" won the journal name
>> vote.  (See for more details.)
> The idea of a journal name that contains punctuation in the title is
> so breathtakingly idiotic that I can only assume that it is a
> reference to the bug in the name of the computer language  C++

First, thanks to Jeff Davis for all the hard work on getting the journal
up and running.

Second, I'm tempted to make a snarky reply to Eric, but I'll try to be
civil.  I'm not a fan of the name either and didn't vote for it.  But the
community did.  And it seems insulting to follow up on the account of
Jeff's hard work with a complaint that could have been (and was) made
weeks ago.  It also could have been done in a much more polite manner.
Well, ok, on the irc you probably could have said this ;).  But the
atmosphere is a bit different than the mailing list.

Jon Gorman