> I suppose that I shall have to write an article for the journal
> entitled "Code 4 dealing gracefully with idiotic journal names".

Actually, it sounds like a great article for the journal.  :)  Could
subtitle it: "For magazines named by people thinking they're clever.".  Of
course, I'm not sure that the title I liked the best "Indexed" would
have improved findability any.

Ah, the fun of serials tracking.  We could just have a couple of series
names, ala some of the German publishers with their monographic series.
(Ah, memories of the year I spent as a serials cataloging GA)

So every fourth (and A) issue would be a "code4lib journal", "/lib/dev/"
and "Indexed" series issue, while those with articles containing the word
"Regex" would be also be in the "Possibly Perl Series" which will be
incremented according to the m . (n . i) where n is the previous number of
i in the last of the series and m is the phase of the moon.


Jon Gorman