Since your software at Georgia Tech will probably need to "improve"
the indexed title of the Code4Lib journal to allow it to be found,
would it be so terrible to "improve" it all the way to "Infinite
Monkey Journal"?

Is there a mechanism whereby we can vote on an "official" incorrect
title for "/lib/dev: A Journal for Library Programmers"?

Also, here's a serious question: What will AACR force as the
capitalization for the cataloguing title?

I take back what I said about the title being idiotic, and apologize
for intemperate comments. I think this title could be an ingenious
mechanism for exploring the deep philosophical underpinnings of
journal titles in the age of software in libraries.


>On 5/4/06, Jonathan Gorman <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>   Of
>>course, I'm not sure that the title I liked the best "Indexed" would
>>have improved findability any.
>Which, honestly, is the real tragedy by not choosing 'Infinite Monkey


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