Hello All,

I have been asked to set up an Open Source ILS for someone who is
teaching a cataloging class this summer. One of the things she was
hoping to be able to do with it is have students work with MARC
Authority records. I can't find any evidence that any of the currently
available [1] Open ILS systems use MARC Authority records [2]. Does
anyone know of one that does? Maybe I'm missing something.

Ed C.

[1] A 2002 article in Information Today
( mentions
that the LearningAccess ILS uses MARC Authority records, but I went to
there website and didn't see any evidence that this product was still an
Open Source program (and also I didn't see no way to download it). I
will probably contact them separately if I can't find another system to use.

[2] It appears that Evergreen will use MARC Authority records, but the
wiki says "authority control in marc editor" is still on the to-do