On May 30, 2006, at 6:59 PM, K.G. Schneider wrote:

> So, ok, on that level (and ignoring the "fundamental underpinnings"
> argument, which may be what I was incoherently striving for at
> least in
> part), what's wrong with Lucene? Java?

There is nothing wrong with Lucene. In fact, Lucene seems to be
becoming the indexer of choice. I just do not have the abilities to
write things in Java.

BTW, KinoSearch is more or less (mostly more) a port of Lucene. The
query language is the same, the API is similar, and the index has a
similar structure. There is noise that the KinoSearch people will be
working with the Lucene people to create "Lucy", yet another indexer.

It is nice to have choice, which is another reason to advocate open
source software.

Eric Morgan

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