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> Sent: 25 May, 2006 11:04
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> Subject: Re: [CODE4LIB] Authority records and the OSS ILS
> Joshua,
> There is a small set you can get for testing.
> The MARC 21 Authority Records for
> GSAFD Genre Terms are freely available.

Enhanced versions of those records can be found at:


we also have other MARC authorities records for:

DCMI Type vocabulary (12 terms)
LCSH A/C (945 terms)
MeSH 2005 (500,000+ terms)
MeSH 2006 (500,000+ terms)
MeSH 2006 with Northwestern LCSH mappings (500,000+ terms)
MIGFG (~100 terms)
NGL (92 terms)
RADFG (~100 terms)
RVM (215,000+ terms)

We haven't released these as part of our project for a variety
of reasons.  DCMI Type and NGL need some additional work on the
008 field.  No permission from LC to release the LCSH A/C, RADFG
and MIGFG in addition to LC plans to incorporate both RADFG and
MIGFG into LCSH.  No permission from Northwestern to distribute
MeSH 2006 with their mappings.  No permission from University of
Leval to distribute RVM.  The MeSH 2005/2006 versions are ready
to go, but we are working on an SRW profile for access to all our
vocabularies, minus those with distribution restrictions, and
the MeSH 2005/2006 records might need to be tweeked.