don't worry about it. I thought your resume was appropriate and your cover letter charming. I would hire you! You are young, energetic and will do well.

Teri Sierra, Chief
Serial and Government Publications Division
Library of Congress
202-707-6128 (fax)

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An apology is in order. Apparently I managed to accidentally send my resume
and cover letter through the code4lib mailing list to three hundred and
thirty six in-boxes instead of the intended recipient. Oops. I am sorry
about this. I certainly hope the intended recipient will see this mastery of
email communication as an example of my technical prowess. This is a bit
embarrassing, and again I apologize, but perhaps it can turn out to be a
good thing. If anyone feels up to the effort, I would really appreciate
feedback on my resume and cover letter. I am a student still in (library)
school and I am not sure what type of cover letter and resume are
appropriate. I understand this mailing list is not intended for this sort of
thing, and believe me, I did not intend for hundreds of people to receive my
personal information and response to a job opening. Again I am sorry about
all this, thank you for your consideration and help in advance.



On 4/28/06, Bjorn Tipling <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm interested! I've included a cover letter and a resume as an
> attachment.
> I hope to hear back from you!
> Thank you,
> Bjorn Tipling
> On 4/28/06, Tim Spalding <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> >
> > The innovative library-meets-social software company LibraryThing
> > (, is looking for one or two exceptional
> > programmers*library programmers if possible. We are looking for
> > full-time employees, but part-timers with drive an interest will also
> > be considered. Unless by some stroke of luck you're in Maine, this is
> > a TELECOMMUTING job, with some fly-ups to brainstorm and check in.
> >
> > What we're looking for:
> >
> > The principle job requirements are intelligence, creativity and the
> > drive to create great things. LibraryThing is a startup in the process
> > of starting-up, so you need to be able to brainstorm ideas, learn new
> > things quickly and manage yourself effectively. You need to be
> > on-board from day one, working at the peak of your skills.
> >
> > LibraryThing is a straight LAMP site*Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Even
> > if that's not your primary development platform, you need to feel
> > comfortable with it. You should be at least proficient in HTML, CSS
> > and Javascript. Database optimization and database and server
> > administration experience would be a plus. Experience with MARC (and
> > other) library formats, Z39.50, AWS, API development, FRBR, user
> > experience, usability, graphic design, knowledge of OPAC and ILS
> > systems, would all be great.
> >
> > About LibraryThing:
> >
> > LibraryThing allows users to catalog their books, using Amazon and 45
> > libraries around the world (via Z39.50). Once you've cataloged some
> > books, LibraryThing becomes social software*your books connect you
> > with other who have the same books, generate recommendations, and so
> > forth. You can tag, rate and review, There's also a collaborative
> > wiki-like element, where users disambiguate authors and editions, what
> > Steve Lawson (See Also) called "reverse engineering FRBR." All told,
> > LibraryThing is pushing at the bounds of library science and social
> > software. The Christian Science monitor called LibraryThing "poised to
> > turn the cataloging of books into a form of communal recreation."
> > Steve Cohen (LibraryStuff) wrote in Public Libraries magazine "I've
> > seen the future of online catalogs, and its name is LibraryThing."
> >
> > LibraryThing is on the way up. It'll never be MySpace, but it's on
> > track to be the coolest book site on the web, and an influence on
> > library technology for years to come. You can be one of a handful of
> > people who made that happen. Lose the cubicle and the pointy-haired
> > boss. Make cool stuff all day long. Work in flip-flops and a towel for
> > all we care.
> >
> > Send a resume and an example of something you've made, then let's talk.
> >
> > Contact:
> >
> > Tim Spalding
> > LibraryThing
> > [log in to unmask]
> > AIM: eucratides
> > 207 899-1910
> >
> --
> Bjorn