> "/lib/dev: A Journal for Library Programmers" won the journal
> name vote.  (See for more details.)

When I provide phone support for non-geeks and I specify a path name, I
usually include the slashes and often spell out the directory and/or
file names, for example: "change directory to slash u-s-r slash b-i-n"
or "pipe the unwanted output to the slash d-e-v slash n-u-l-l device."
However other sysadmins understand when you say "check in var admin"
that you mean /var/adm and that when you say "yeah, I filed that in dev
null" that you are referencing /dev/null.  If the code4lib journal title
was "lib dev: A Journal for Library Programmers" the geeks would
understand that /lib/dev was implied if not explicitly stated.  And
using that title would solve some of the problems with sorting,
collation, etc. caused by punctuation (note that the colon is only meant
to separate the title from the subtitle).

Just an idea that I thought I would throw out there.

-- Michael

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