Brief clarification:

The OJS people are also interested in contributions to the project beyond the level of plugins.  So if it's not possible to add a feature as a plugin, but it's something you think a lot of other OJS users would find useful (and it wouldn't be too obtrusive for existing OJS users who want to upgrade), you might consider developing those features as part of the core package.  2.2 is the next major release if anyone feels like jumping in with both feet.

Jeff Davis

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Here's the latest on the code4lib journal:

"/lib/dev: A Journal for Library Programmers" won the journal name vote.  (See for more details.)

I've been talking to Simon Fraser University about hosting the journal and looking into using Open Journal Systems to host it.  A default OJS install doesn't do all the things we've been talking about doing with the journal (e.g. allowing for open commenting).  Theoretically, we could write plugins that would add the features we want.  I'm not familiar enough with OJS at the code level to know if that's the route we want to take (as opposed to building the extra features we're looking for outside of the OJS framework, which might be easier), but the OJS developers are interested in feedback on the plugin capability and would welcome any plugins that we write.

I've moved the draft editorial policy statement to the site [1].  It would be great if people with actual experience starting/running journals could take a look at it and provide feedback.  For example, I've suggested releasing an issue every two months -- is that feasible?


About half a dozen people have volunteered to help out so far, and more are always welcome.  I think the next step is for people with more programming expertise than myself to take a look at OJS and see how to enable open pre-publication commenting (i.e. not limited to official editors, and with the option to comment anonymously), and integrated version tracking (so that for any given comment, you can tell which revision of an article it refers to).  I'll be bugging some of the volunteers about this, but if anyone has prior experience with this sort of thing, please let me know.

I'd like to have an at least partially functional OJS install up and running before releasing a formal call for submissions, but if you think you'll want to contribute an article, this would be a good time to think about what you're going to write.

(Sorry for the delay on this reply -- I'm on vacation this week, so I haven't been checking my email regularly.)

Jeff Davis
Public Services Librarian
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What is the status of the Code4Lib journal? What can I do to help it
move to the next step?

Eric Lease Morgan
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