Dear Code4Libbers:

I have been pushing to keep the 508 standards or accessibility by clean
design in mind with our new site redesign.  We came upon a stumbling
block in regards to photo galleries (we take a lot of pictures for our
events) and the overuse of tables to display these.  I am building a
completely CSS-based layout, and I would hate to break this by using
table-based layout for photo albums simply because Photoshop's automated
photo gallery maker only has templates with frames (big no no) and a lot
of tables.

The basic argument is I want to build photo galleries that maintain our
508 "code of honor" to accessibility (or any unforeseeable future
issue), others say because blind people can't see images, why does it
matter if it is 508 compliant?  It's a good question, because we can use
alt tags on the images and only slightly abuse tables for layout... but
it feels morally wrong if nothing else.  Does anyone know of a good tool
that churns out CSS-based accessibility happy photo gallery code
(similar to Photoshop's automated option) that doesn't require we build
a database (such as Gallery open source software).  Just a simple
converter, if you will, for a group of images into a web album.  Or does
anyone know about photo galleries and accessibility?

I appreciate any advice or suggestions in regards to this matter.  Thank

PS  We want to keep it in house, not through Flickr or Photobucket.


In peace,

Amy M Ostrom
Web Interface Designer
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