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> Or does anyone know about photo galleries and accessibility?

There is a bigger group of people which can both see images and have
accessibility needs; low-vision users (estimated some 30% of all

Having said that, there's really nothing stopping you making tables
perfectly accessible, and it the sense of images they *are* presented
in a tabular fashion. This is where we use common sense instead of
rigid rules, so there is no reason to feel that using tables for this
is somehow wrong (unless you want to go into the whole WAI 2.0 debate

Do it the way you do, and clean up the generated code to fix the worst
offenders. If you still want to be strict on it, try talking to the
GAWDS community ( about gallery options. I seem
to recall there were some discussion about this a while back, but the
gist was that most gallery software were equally crap in accessibility
regards. Maybe things have changed.


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