On Jul 12, 2006, at 10:07 PM, Amy M Ostrom wrote:

> I have been pushing to keep the 508 standards or accessibility by
> clean
> design in mind with our new site redesign.  We came upon a stumbling
> block in regards to photo galleries (we take a lot of pictures for our
> events) and the overuse of tables to display these.  I am building a
> completely CSS-based layout, and I would hate to break this by using
> table-based layout for photo albums simply because Photoshop's
> automated
> photo gallery maker only has templates with frames (big no no) and
> a lot
> of tables.

I can not speak to the 508 standards in general, but can offer an
for the CSS layout. Take a look at,
and search for "abbott". If you resize the browser window, the
will rearrange themselves according to your browser width - dynamic
width via CSS, as it were. If that resizing is acceptable, it should
the <table> part of the problem. Check for div.datum, I think, in the

NB: this was someone else's work.

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