I was toying with Berkeley DBXML in our link resolver project (I gave
up in favor for Ferret:  Ruby's port of Lucene), but am strongly
considering it for both an EAD project we have here, as well as a
replacement for our Zebra mirror of our OPAC (both of these coupled
with Ferret/Lucene for fulltext indexing).

In the link resolver, I was using XQuery (although I'm not sure what
you mean by 'primary development language') and would probably be
using it again on the other projects.


On 8/16/06, Kevin S. Clarke <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm curious in finding out how many libraries out there are using or
> experimenting with native xml databases.  If you are, would you mind
> dropping me an email offlist saying you are and how you are using it?
> I'm not aware of any sites yet where libraries are sharing their code
> for these types of databases.  Which leads me to my second question...
> I'm also interested in learning of libraries who are using XQuery as a
> primary development language.  Since the xmldb api is ancient (and not
> supported by all native xml databases), xquery seems like the most
> logical way to interact with a native xml database.  If you are using
> xquery with a relational database or a file system I'd also be
> interested in hearing from you too.
> Thanks,
> Kevin