On 8/16/06 K.G. Schneider wrote:
> and for anyone
>who can remember introducing the 'net to librarians back in the day,
>it wasn't always easy ("Why do I need to learn this? It's not my job,
>I'll never need it!"). But compared to trying to amuse and educate
>toddlers... for me, at least, a piece of cake.

In my "other" life in politics, I have a serious observation that one
who has taught young children is likely to be better qualified to do
politics than one who hasn't.

>What does this have to do with CODE4LIB? Well, I am not entirely sure,
>but it helps to remember that what's "easy" or "intuitive" or
>"natural" is a very relative concept, and our systems should reflect


I love juxtaposing those words with the self-indulgence that for a new
technology to be cool it has to seem "magical."

And any technologist who claims that a new application or device is
"intuitive" is up for an adverse job review, IMO...  ;-)

- Bruce