Archivists’ ToolkitTM Version 1.0 Available for Download
The University of California, San Diego, New York University, and the Five Colleges, Inc. are pleased to announce the release of the Archivists’ Toolkit™ Version 1.0.  It is available for download at The Archivists’ Toolkit™ is being offered under an Educational Community License (ECL).
The AT is the first open source archival data management system to provide integrated support for accessioning, description, donor tracking, name and subject authority work, and location management for archival materials. The effort to build this application has benefited tremendously from the interested guidance of the archival community and was made possible through the generous funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
Key Features:

The Archivists’ Toolkit™ Version 1.0 is being released with the following known issues, which will be addressed quickly:
  1. The user manual is not completely up to date with the current version of the software, as testing and development have continued up to the point of release. Therefore, some chapters will have outdated screen shots, or no screen shots. The user manual is serviceable, however, and will be brought completely up to date very soon.
  2. All exports are valid, but some may be imperfect. For example, MARC XML output is not in MARC tag sequence order. These minor improvements will be addressed shortly after release.
  3. The Archivists’ Toolkit™ currently accepts non-valid EAD, allowing poorly structured data to be imported into the application. This will not be possible in subsequent releases.  In the meantime, archivists can mitigate the issue by validating their EADs before importing them into the Toolkit.
  4. Targets are not created for references in exported EADs.  Thus, internal links in an EAD will not work. 
  5. The source code has not yet been made available generally.  If you would like the source code, please contact [log in to unmask]

Archivists’ Toolkit Project Team:
Bradley Westbrook, Project Manager and Lead Analyst (UC, San Diego)
Lee Mandell, Design Team Manager and Lead Programmer (Boston, Mass.)
Jason Varghese, Programmer (New York University)
Kelcy Shepherd, Archives Analyst (Five Colleges, Inc.)
Brian Stevens, Archives Analyst (New York University)
Judy Dombromski, Interface Design Consultant (Boston, Mass)
Arwen Hutt, Metadata Consultant (UC, San Diego)
Jane Lee, Usability Consultant (California Digital Library)