CALL FOR PAPERS (including pre- and post-conference meetings)
DLF Spring Forum 2007

The Westin Pasadena Hotel, Pasadena, California
Monday, April 23 - Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Members of DLF institutions are invited to submit proposals for papers,
panel discussions, posters, and open discussions (formerly
Birds-of-a-Feather sessions or BOFs) in support of the DLF mission, "to
enable new research and scholarship of its members, students, scholars,
lifelong learners, and the general public by developing an international
network of digital libraries."


Proposals on a range of topics are welcomed, and proposals that link to
the following themes are encouraged:

*	Developing and adopting technical standards that can be widely
adopted and shared
*	Developing and adopting best practices 
*	Leveraging shared actions, resources, and infrastructures 
*	Creating digital collections that can be combined with other
collections and made widely accessible
*	Collaborating with partners outside of DLF (e.g. other
libraries, scholars, commercial services) to build new services either
through application mashups or development of new applications
*	Creating solutions that develop the scholarly communication
process by securing and preserving the scholarly and cultural record 

For the first time the DLF Board will meet immediately prior to the
Forum, providing a wonderful opportunity for presenters to collaborate
and present with their library directors during Forum sessions on a
range of topics.


NOTE: We strongly encourage panels and presentations that pose problems
for discussion, and that make plain what others can learn from the
experience of the presenter(s).


Proposals for papers should be brief (ca. 250 words) and supply a title,
the name of the author(s), and a short abstract. Each paper shares a
90-minute time slot with one or two other papers on similar topics. When
submitting a proposal for a paper, please provide an estimated duration
(25 or 40 minutes, which includes time for questions).


Proposals for panel discussions should include a title for the panel, a
brief outline of the panel's purpose, the panelists' names, short
descriptions of their respective contributions, and a statement of how
the panelists' presentations fit together into a logical whole. Panels
last 90 minutes, including time for questions.


Proposals for open discussion sessions should include a title,
facilitator's name (use author field on submission form), and the
purpose and intended outcomes of the session in a ca. 250-words. These
provide for informal discussion between interested parties on a specific
topic. The suggested duration for open discussions is 60-90 minutes. 


Posters provide opportunities to present work in progress, late-breaking
results, best-practice reports, and accounts of projects, standards,
workflows, digital collections, etc.

Poster proposals should consist of a title, an abstract (ca. 250 words),
and contact information for the authors. Accepted posters will be
displayed at the conference and some dedicated time will be given to
them on the program.



Proposals for papers, panels, posters, and open discussion sessions
should be submitted by Monday, January 29, 2007 via the following link,




Please submit requests for meetings for DLF affiliated groups or
initiatives pre- and post-Forum meetings directly to Barrie Howard
(contact information below). Indicate preferred date and duration,
equipment required, number of attendees.



If you have any questions please contact:

Barrie L. Howard

Program Manager

Digital Library Federation

1755 Mass. Ave., NW, Suite 500

Washington, DC 20036-2124 <> 

V: (202) 939-4769

F: (202) 939-4765