The Florida Center for Library Automation is pleased to announce that
the DAITSS preservation repository application is now available under
the GPL license.

DAITSS was developed by FCLA for use in the Florida Digital Archive, a
preservation repository for the libraries of the public universities of
Florida (  It implements the
preservation strategies of normalization and forward migration for
supported formats.  Currently about 10 formats are supported including
JFIF (JPEG), JEG2000, TIFF, WAVE, XML, Quicktime, AVI and PDF.

DAITSS was designed to conform closely to the OAIS reference model.  It
does not have a public user interface but could be used as a
preservation "back end" to other applications such as institutional
repository or digital library systems.

DAITSS development was partially supported by a grant from the Institute
of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

For more information, see