On Thu, Aug 02, 2007 at 09:38:00AM -0400, Jonathan Rochkind wrote:
> Dan convinces me that iBiblio might be better than OSU, in terms of
> their type of organization.
> But OSU has made an offer of free supported hosting, under terms that to
> me seem quite acceptable. Unless iBiblio makes a similar offer under
> equal or better terms...   I still think that an imperfect solution (we
> all know about what happens when you insist on perfection, right?) is
> better than the current situation. Dan has in fact articulated quite
> well what is wrong with the current situation. So Dan and everyone else
> agrees that it is desirable for the current situation to change.
> The OSU proposal is the best thing on the table right now for an
> improvement.  If Dan or anyone else wants to spend time on putting
> together another possibility, that would certainly be welcome.   If not,
> nothing is permanent, we can always change again later (although of
> course it's a pain and we should not plan on doing such).

For once, I agree with J-Ro.  Somewhat.  :)

We don't need to put all of our eggs in one basket.  Different parts of
the site should be hosted in different places, and the base domain
should be fully mirrored.  If OSU works right now, let's get it up and
running there.  When we get it hosted at iBiblio, we can switch the DNS,
but leave it running at OSU in case there's a problem with the site at
iBiblio.  It should be mirrored, with rolling backups, on a couple of
other servers as well.  If we're just talking about the base web site,
it's not that many bytes.

It sounds like iBiblio may be our best bet for long-term hosting, but we
need to get the site up quickly.  How soon could we get something on
their servers?

To that end, I gathered from Ed's message that the real work involved in
getting the site up will be in salvaging what we can from the corrupted
database and files.  Who will step up to the plate for this?