On 2 August 2007, Edward Corrado wrote:

> 1) Where to permanently host Right now we have two serious
> proposals. One is at OSU and one is ibiblio. I don't think anyone at all
> is concerned about the current people at OSU doing a good job. I know I
> am not. That said, Dan Chudnov brings up some good issues about what
> happens if things change at OSU.

Maybe we should use Karen's list and some of the other points to issue an
RFP, to which Oregon State and ibiblio and others could respond?

That may seem overly formal, but it would keep things clear and
straightforward, and everyone would know where they stood.

Dan and Ross make good points.  Overall, I'm for rough consensus and a
working box.  Oregon State's generous offer certainly seems good enough
for the next year, say, during which we can plan more and after which we
can move if we want.

William Denton, Toronto :