On 8/1/07, D Chudnov <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Okay, I've read a transcript copy that somebody sent me privately.  I
> have a few concerns that I'm going to voice strongly, and I think they
> represent questions that need to be answered before I'll be
> comfortable with any particular plan.  It doesn't mean I don't love
> you.

Whatever.  There was that night after the Kappa Sig social, but you
haven't called since.
> 1.  Why isn't the site already back up (at minimum)?
> When the server became unavailable during c4lc 2007, we were able to
> restore from offsite backups and have an "emergency-mode" snapshot
> live and useful within a matter of a few hours at most.  It seems this
> could have been done within a few days if there had been offsite
> backups available.

Eh, what?  We have offsite backups, yes.  What we don't have are:
1) anywhere to put them back to
2) a plan to proceed once something is back up
3) the resources to dedicate to get running as it was
(temporarily, I might add), as in somebody that has the time to do the
work (remember, we didn't even have time to keep it up to date in the
first place)
4) a hugely pressing need (we're not, after all, in the middle of the
eponymous conference)
> 2.  Are there offsite backups of the site - its files
> and database?
Yes, and they live on my machine at work.  If the hackers^Wcrackers
converge on tonight, we're sunk.

> 3.  The discussion seemed to only involve one proposal.  There wasn't
> a call for any other proposals, and it wasn't clear to me that by
> missing this meeting (i was at a gathering with several other people
> with an interest in anvil and other things c4l) that I would miss out
> on any opportunity to have input.  I'd like to propose a different
> hosting plan.  Shouldn't there be a chance for more discussion here?

Who's stopping you?  We announced a 'town hall meeting', nobody
publicly dissented on the mailing list.  We're 'discussing' now,
you're complaining but not articulating an alternative.  You mentioned
ibiblio in channel, but until something tangible is offered, the
Oregon State offer meets the 'one in hand is worth two in the bush'
> 4.  Could somebody please post (to this list) an exact statement of
> what the current proposal is?
Supposedly Jeremy Frumkin, Ryan Ordway, Ed Summers and Kevin Clarke
will work this out and announce it publicly.

> 5.  Could somebody please post the transcript to the list?
This would be useful.  Then my reservations about this decision (which
may not seem obvious from this email) could go on public record.
> I understand that some of these questions might seem to be coming a
> bit late, and I'm sorry to be in a position where my jerkiness is all
> the worse because of it.  But I still think these are questions that
> need answers.

I don't think anything has been 'decided'.  We had a meeting, OSU
stepped forward, nobody present objected. is still