I vote for OSU over dan's personal machine.  A personal machine is what
we effectively had before,  is still not professional-level sysadmining,
and that's what I think we need.

In the IRC chat (wasn't someone going to post the transcript?), OSU said
they should be able to host the Journal WordPress.


Tom Keays wrote:
> I agree with Kevin. #3 is also my first option.
> It makes a whole lot of sense for OSU to host it in the short-term:
> 1. Jeremy is ready, willing, and able to do so and code4lib needs a new home
> 2. OSU is hosting the next conference, so there's that immediate
> aspect to consider
> Regarding "Dan's Machine", it would help me if I knew what this was.
> There was a reference in the other thread to Dan mirroring the
> code4lib site at the conference and I assume this is the machine in
> question. Is it ibiblio or something else?
> I think the things Dan said about ibibio recommends it as a possible
> longer term solution. So, check it out and see if the match is a good
> one. In the meantime, we have a bird in the hand.
> Jeremy: does OSU's offer include the ability of the nascent Code4Lib
> Journal to be hosted there? We were initially using Wordpress as the
> platform (and had also looked at OJS as another option).  The editors
> would need to have accounts.
> Tom
> On 8/2/07, Kevin S. Clarke <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>> So, to that effect, here's what I think the current options are:
>>> 1) Get it back up on anvil
>>> 2) Get it up on Dan's Machine
>>> 3) Put it up here at OSU
>> My order of preference would be #3 else #2... though Dan's machine
>> might be easier if he already has an older version on there.
>> Kevin

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