Not make this full-contact Ross/Dan ping-pong, but here we go.

On 8/1/07, D Chudnov <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> 1) we could have found someplace
> 2) this is a problem either way
> 3) this is a problem either way
> 4) a few days' downtime is one thing - a few weeks' is another.
I suppose these are really easy to say but I still haven't seen you
asking how you can help or what you can do get this back up since the
incident (until now).  In fact, nobody has.  Until Jeremy's (perfectly
reasonable) point that the C4L08 planning is there, nobody has even
indicated that this is more than an inconvenience (short of the
journal site - but even then, we've come up with alternatives).

I mean, it's one thing to say that 'we need to have policies and
procedures in case of emergency', it's another thing to actually
create them and approve them and implement them.  Then there's the
fact that it's quite likely that our drupal instance is what was the
cause of the break-in in the first place, meaning that would have to
be addressed or the mirror site is just as vulnerable.

I guess my point is, I don't see much point in criticizing the
all-volunteer effort and donated server space that has gone into now.
> Let's set up a second backup of your backup?  I'll take a copy, and
> add another to s3 for safer-keeping.
Ask Ed for them.
> Nobody is stopping me.  I was offline all weekend, and busy otherwise,
> and it wasn't clear to me whether this was a done deal already.
Oregon State is making a proposal.  Other proposals are welcome.

> I would have suggested it sooner but most of my attention has been in
> moving boxes.

And Kevin has been on vacation.  And I have been working on my
bathroom.  And...  You see?  Nobody is in charge of this or
responsible.  Being complainy is counterproductive, honestly.  If we
need to fix the governance issues, then let's do it.  But don't assume
they'll be taken care of yesterday.