On 8/14/07, Tom Keays <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I also wonder about the relationship of the code4lib repository with oss4lib.
> Obviously, oss4lib is a different sort of site -- making links to
> software projects rather than hosting the code itself. However,
> harking back to my first point, my experience with oss4lib is that it
> misses important projects and that diminishes its usefulness for me.
> For example, to use Gabriel's example, pymarc is not included.
> I'd be interested in hearing from Dan about his reaction to this idea
> and especially about the relationship of oss4lib and code4lib.

There is no relationship.  oss4lib has been quiet for the past few
years largely because the rest of my life has been loud.  It was, and
remains, a site to encourage people working with library systems to
share information about the open source options available for them.
code4lib is about code for libraries writ more largely than just
free/libre/open source software.  By definition, we want to include
people who are working on proprietary stuff too, in proprietary
languages, or whatever, if it's code for libraries.

The two (oss4lib and code4lib) might look alike because some of the
people whose names show up are the same, but they're orthogonal, and,
imho, both necessary, though as you point out, it would be better if returned to be being a more active and complete listing.

Fwiw, I agree with Erik Hetzner's assessment, and would encourage
people needing a home for their code to use sourceforge, google code,
or similar services that are orders of magnitude bigger than our
community and already well-established and well-supported.