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The Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries [The Alliance] is seeking
proposals for the design, development, and integration of a robust user
interface for its Alliance Digital Repository service.  The interface will
provide a customizable "look and feel" to the ADR's initial discovery and
access portal, encompassing the searching, browsing, and viewing actions
related to digital content, including jpegs, pdfs, xml documents, and audio
and video files. The interface will bring together multiple software
platforms (Fedora, Fez, XTF) currently used within the ADR. The interface
will need to interact with existing PHP and JAVA programming.

Objectives of the user interface design work are to:

*         Create a granular, customizable interface that ultimately allows
for institutional/community branding, adjustable labeling and positioning of
components (i.e. search boxes, results lists, etc.)

*         Provide a centrally managed, but easily distributed design
customization environment

*         Generate templates that are geared not only towards different
institutions, but also content types and audiences

*         Support integration with other services (Uportal, widgets, etc.)

*         Support interactions with local authentication services (LDAP,

*         Build off of the existing interface foundations provided by Fez
and XTF

You will find a timeline within the RFP.  Please address all questions

To jessica[at] on or before August 20, 2007.

The Alliance will consider proposals from both vendors and independent

To access the RFP document, please go to

Jessica Branco Colati
Project Director
Alliance Digital Repository
Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries
3801 E. Florida Ave., Suite 515
Denver, CO 80210
t: (303) 759-3399 x113
f: (303) 759-3363
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