> >> Yes, I have a concern about a university hosting arrangement like what
> >> you've described, though it doesn't have anything to do with OSU or
> >> you. :)  ibiblio is in the business of being a neutral hosting space
> >> for sites like this (and, yes, they're at a university, but, their
> >> long-lived project there is long-dedicated to this).  Special
> >> arrangements to host at any particular university through
> >> the good graces of one or two people like you are just that - special
> >> arrangements, predicated on a generally favorable situation and the
> >> kindness of a couple of supportive individuals both in our "community"
> >> - presumably you and rordway - and at OSU (your boss and
> >> network/server support staff).

If I might pipe up a little... I've lived through the "orphaned university
hosting" scenario for two services ( and the PUBLIB list).

To me, the big questions are:

* Who can provide the clearest, best-documented relationship (the
"deliverables" question) so it is not all based on handshakes and who knows
whom... Dan's "special arrangements" concern

* Which option provides the best service package

* Which option has the chance of lasting the longest (moving hurts)

* Which option has the clearest, easiest exit strategy (because eventually
everybody moves on... it's not a marriage, it's just a protracted date)

* Which option gives the community the most ownership of its content

* Which option has a proven track record with this kind of relationship
(which might also mean, which option has the most at stake for delivering
good service to this kind of arrangement)

I resisted several "special arrangements" for's move from Berkeley
SunSITE precisely because I had experience with them. When the person who
cares moves on, you can be left twisting in the breeze. (Plus in several
cases the suggested "arrangements" were ridiculous... moving to
poorly-maintained Windows servers with known bandwidth problems and suspect
security, etc.)

Having a "special arrangement" can be tough. Even when you DO know the
people and they have no intention of leaving, they can get very very busy,
and their organization always has to come first.

I don't have strong feelings about ibiblio versus OSU (without knowing more
about either of them), but I see those as the issues.

I wonder if code4lib couldn't be just as happy holding an annual virtual
bake sale or raffle and buying space at Hurricane Electric or something.
Just a thought. What are we talking about in terms of needs?

Karen G. Schneider
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