I agree with Jeremy that we need to do something about getting the site
up ASAP, and support the idea for a vote by 3 PM EST vote. It sounds
like Anvil isn't a solution for now, so I think we need to look at the
other two options. I'm happy with either, but if I have to choose, I say:

    2) Get it up on Dan's Machine

That said,. Id really be just as happy with 3) Put it up here at OSU but
I voted for Dan's because he offered first and because it sounded like
he already has some of the needed stuff installed on his machine from a
previous temporary hosting situation..


Jeremy Frumkin said the following on 08/02/2007 11:11 AM:
> Hi Folks -
> So, I think many valid issues have been raised, especially Dan's and Karen's
> in regards to longevity and exit strategy, and long-term hosting of
> needs to be thought out carefully. But instead of delving into
> that at the moment,  I'm starting a new thread here, because I personally
> have an immediate need for the site to be back up, and I believe we can do
> that outside the bounds of the long-term discussion.
> What I would like to propose is that we decide today how to get the site
> back up for the short term and where it can live during that time. Since
> there needs to be more extended discussion for planning out the long-term
> location of the site, I am fairly certain that there will need to be a
> migration of the site to its long-term home no matter where it is brought
> back up to now.
> So, to that effect, here's what I think the current options are:
> 1) Get it back up on anvil
> 2) Get it up on Dan's Machine
> 3) Put it up here at OSU
> I'm not pushing any of these immediate solutions - I just want the site back
> up. So, are there any other options to deal with our immediate issue, or can
> we do a quick (by 3 PM EST, say) vote on the above and get moving on
> bringing the site back up?
> -- jaf
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