Hello -

DLF is pleased to announce the preliminary Fall 2007 Forum
schedule (not fully fleshed out yet, and still subject to some
change), at

We had a tremendous response to our call, and we've invited
an additional and very interesting set of talks that we might
not normally hear.  For the first time that I am aware of, even
after adding a third track on the second and third days, we've
actually had to turn down some very worthwhile papers.  In my
judgment about what to accept, I've tried to emphasize a mix
of our new work, new perspectives, and substantive updates
to contemporary programs.  We've nonetheless had to make
some hard choices. 

We're delighted to feature keynotes from Rick Prelinger of the
Prelinger Archives, and chairman of the Board of the Internet
Archive, and Dan Gillmor, the director of the Center for Citizen
Media, a very well known journalist whose time is now split
between Harvard's Berkman Center and the UC Berkeley School
of Journalism.  

We'll have strong tracks in moving images, mass digitization,
and explorations of library catalog and UI overhauls; we'll
have a talk on gaming initiatives at NASA, and on urban GIS;
new rights initiatives, including for images; a perspective on
the changing landscape of bibliographic data services from
Bowker; updates from Dan Cohen on Zotero, and Nature, on
Connotea, interesting work at Penn on social media; thoughts
on service oriented architectures via the Mellon; a new grid-
based platform for media services called MediaGrid, and
many other topics too numerous to mention.  You'll find
something of interest.

I want to thank the tremendous efforts of Barrie Howard and
our new-ish admin, Jaime Moore, in putting this agenda and
program together.  It is my first as a fully involved director,
and it gives me an appreciation for the amount of work and
diligence involved.  I want to also acknowledge the work of
the review panel in helping us choose the best papers and
Forum Fellows; we had many ties and good discussions.

I want to also thank all of the submitters for their proposals,
(whether they find themselves in the program or not!), and I
want to thank everyone for their participation in what I think
will be an excellent event.

Thank you!  We look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia
on Nov 5-7.