The University of Michigan Library Information Technology Division seeks
a skilled programmer/analyst for a term appointment of two years.


The Library Information Technology Division is a campus-wide program
focused on the development and maintenance of digital resources and
provides principal technology management services and support for the
University Library system. The Library, in partnership with other
institutions, is currently spearheading the creation of a Shared Digital
Repository (SDR). The goal is to build a reliable and increasingly
comprehensive digital archive of library materials converted from print.
The SDR is co-owned and managed by a number of academic institutions
working together to digitally preserve and improve access to these
materials, and to promote coordinated digital preservation among
libraries. The Library's digital repository already holds in excess of 1
million volumes, and as content is added from SDR partners, it is
expected that holdings will increase to 7 million volumes or more. Key
technical challenges in building and administering the SDR will be
scale, throughput and security. 


The programmer/analyst will be responsible for 1) initially evaluating
the feasibility of various approaches to integrating the Fedora digital
archiving system as part of the SDR initiative and 2) performing the
integration work itself. For example, we are giving consideration to
conducting the work in two overlapping phases: 1) implementing Fedora as
a parallel access mechanism to the existing repository system; and 2)
exploring the feasibility of using Fedora for direct digital object
management for the millions of objects in the Shared Digital Repository.
The programmer/analyst will work as part of a team of skilled digital
library staff made up of both developers and content managers. For all
development work, the programmer/analyst will be responsible for
determining viable alternatives; making recommendations; and designing,
specifying, building consensus, implementing, testing and documenting
solutions. As work will be done in collaboration with existing staff, it
is essential that the candidate be a creative and independent thinker,
but with a collaborative approach that seeks input and builds consensus.

Responsibilities include:
* Implementation:
  * Apply systems analysis techniques to optimize Fedora
    around support for large-scale storage and delivery of
    online books and journals.
  * Consult with other Fedora implementation sites about
    emerging approaches to delivering complex digital
  * Analyze requirements, develop, and implement new system
    features and functionality as assigned.
  * Evaluate approaches to integration with respect to the
    scale of the project, including throughput requirements,
    the size of the repository, the sustainability of
    systems and work flows developed, etc.
* Integration:
  * Define and implement programmatic interfaces with other
    systems in support of the repository.
  * Develop related systems and enhancements to those
    systems as needed. 
  * Implement, test and QA plans for new and changed
  * Community Participation:
  * Write and maintain technical documentation for new and
    changed systems. 
  * Assist with the Fedora open source code development and
    collaborate with the Fedora developer community to
    successfully deploy and manage the system.
  * Participate in related projects and teams working on
    Fedora-related activities.
* Other:
  * Attend project meetings; participate in relevant
    conference and meeting presentations.
  * Other projects as assigned. 

Job Requirements:

* Bachelor's degree in computer science, or an equivalent
  combination of education and experience.
* At least 2 years of significant development experience in an
  object-oriented development environment including experience
  with Java, Java applications, and Web Services programming in a
  service-oriented architecture.
* Demonstrated experience with database technology such as MySQL.
* Demonstrated experience with SGML/XML, XPATH, XSLT and related
  technologies and standards.
* Demonstrated experience with the Unix operating system and
  environment and multiple programming languages.
* Strong analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to
  evaluate options, develop and recommend solutions. 
* Ability to work independently and creatively within a
  collaborative, dynamic work environment. 
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

* Experience with Fedora repository software.
* Knowledge and use of protocols such as Open Archives Initiative
  Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH), SRU, and OpenURL;
  library metadata standards such as METS, MARC, and Dublin Core;
  encoding formats such as TEI and EAD; character encoding
  standards such as Unicode; and image formats such as TIFF and
* Experience with large-scale systems.
* Knowledge and use of version control systems in software

Hours: 40 hours/week

Target Salary Range: $45,000 - $65,000 annually, depending on
qualifications and experience of recommended candidate.

Note: This is a 2-year term appointment.

Note: A review of applications will begin on May 1, 2008.

Search for "fedora" at for additional
information or to submit an application electronically.